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Digital Britain Unconferences

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of helping to create a dialogue around the UK government’s Digital Britain report. The story has been better told elsewhere, but essentially, during a meeting of some of the bigger and more established players in the UK media, Bill Thompson tweeted with the idea of […]

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Arcadia I

The other day I went to Kew Gardens, courtesy of my sister Natasha. It was a cold, wet, rainy day and unusually there were few colourful flowers around – but we had a lovely walk, and came into the Palm House, a beautiful example of pavilion architecture from 1848. Whilst really no expert on them, […]

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The obligatory iPhone post

I’m sitting in Spitalfields drinking coffee and getting used to writing on the iPhone’s touch interface. I’m keeping it short as there’s no copy and paste, and there’s little that’s not been written already about this particular toy, sorry, piece of high consumer technology. Suffice to say I’m loving the cocktail of connectivity and syncronisation, […]

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Zoe Williams wrote a piece in The Guardian on the day of the London Mayoral election, about Boris Johnson – presumably in order to mobilise the vote against him. She says we make two mistakes about Boris: That he is a nice guy (“he is not a nice guy”), and He despises (all) people who […]

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