Tom de Grunwald


I write and develop ideas for television and the web, involving liaising with on- and off- screen talent, funders (not least broadcasters) and other agencies.

I currently work for Isis Productions, a small Soho-based independent television production company that consistently punches above its weight, specialising in award-winning music documentaries that are shown around the world, and whose portfolio I am particularly interested in expanding.

I’m currently developing factual entertainment and comedy formats with a strong music ingredient.

My background is in writing and performing music on a wide variety of instruments and in a wide variety of bands and genre contexts, including running a small live promotions company and label in Brighton.

I take a particular interest in how new technologies can shape and augment our ability to both tell and understand stories, across different media, and am passionate about producing ground breaking, meaningful projects in this area.

Personal interests include arctic exploration, the phenomenon of silence, architecture photography, and tennis.

You can contact me in a variety of ways. Much of my online activity is aggregated here on Friendfeed