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YouTube vs PRS, who wins?

Everybody wants to be the good guys! No surprises there.. Negotiations on a new deal for YouTube UK to continue to show certain music videos have broken down with the Performing Rights Society, who collect license fees for public ‘performances’ of music (including radio, TV etc) and dish them out to musicians. Interesting to compare […]

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iPlayer developments

Anthony Rose of BBC iPlayer has outlined his plans for “Broadcast 2.0” in an interview with the Guardian (anyone other than me tiring of the “2.0” thing yet? Yes, thought so..) Lots of interesting developments in there (particularly in terms of DRM and the migration to an AIR based platform) but one that caught my […]

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Our film on Jay-Z

Last year one of the first films I worked on from start to finish at Isis was our Classic Albums film on Jay-Z’s 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt. I’m pleased to say that the long awaited UK Premiere is tomorrow, on BBC Two, Friday 4th July at 23.35hrs. As far as I’m aware I’m credited as […]

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Simulcast application

Zattoo is another of those funkily named web 2.0 applications – but this one is different, as rather than being a mashup or a social network, this is basically a television on your computer. It’s New Media does Old. I’m currently watching a simulcast of the England football friendly against the USA: John Terry has […]

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What next?

This morning I attended a gathering of the great and the good, and listened to three very interesting New Media pioneers speak about possible futures, courtesy of Policy Unplugged: Kevin Anderson, Blogs Editor of The Guardian, Jeremy Ettinghausen, Head of Digital Publishing at Penguin books, and Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor for Education for Channel 4. […]

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