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The camera and the building; a love story

via This beautiful film has for its protagonist the camera, and its muse, architecture. If that sounds pretentious, you might not like the film, which seems to have caused a stir for its use of technology, namely Vray and 3dsMax – but it’s the elegance and pace of the shots, the sense of love […]

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Sign it, blog it, link it, work it

The Digital Britain Unconference final, collated report is up and can be read, signed, linked to, blogged and otherwise enjoyed here. If you approve of the report’s recommendations (collated from over a hundred people’s suggestions), please do consider signing (by leaving your name in the comments). See previous post or the dbuc09 site for background!

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OK, so I realise that I may be a bit behind the herd here, but I just wanted to share a couple of the tools I’ve been exploring recently that help me get work done at the moment. They’re predominantly Mac based, but please feel free to leave a comment if you have found similar […]

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The obligatory iPhone post

I’m sitting in Spitalfields drinking coffee and getting used to writing on the iPhone’s touch interface. I’m keeping it short as there’s no copy and paste, and there’s little that’s not been written already about this particular toy, sorry, piece of high consumer technology. Suffice to say I’m loving the cocktail of connectivity and syncronisation, […]

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Simulcast application

Zattoo is another of those funkily named web 2.0 applications – but this one is different, as rather than being a mashup or a social network, this is basically a television on your computer. It’s New Media does Old. I’m currently watching a simulcast of the England football friendly against the USA: John Terry has […]

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Me + You = 5; Dance as Opera

Tonight London was sparkling as we walked back from Euston to Charing Cross. A friend had invited me to Robin Dingemans‘ latest dance piece, “Me + You = 5″ at The Place, and earlier, as I took my seat, the lights had fallen to an empty stage. A single balloon wandered on, dancing to it’s […]

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